Study 10 of 13 on The Book of James
Scriptural Basis: Lev. 19:13; 1 Sam. 25:2–11; Matt. 5:39; Luke 16:19–31; James 5:1–6. Key Text: “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” (Matt. 6:21).
“Money. It’s a hit. Everywhere you look people talk about money. There is nothing wrong with being rich. But when our focus is on money and only making it, we lose focus on God who provides us with far more and enduring riches.”—Falvo Fowler
1. “Weep and Howl,” the title of this week’s study, sounds like a rock song. What are we talking about here? 2. What biblical characters serve best as examples of how to manage their wealth? 3. Define repentance and godly sorrow, according to Scripture. 4. How do we really know whether money serves us or we serve it? 5. In practical terms, how can we learn to rest in the promise that, somehow, when it’s all over, God’s justice will be done? 6. While we rest in the promise that God’s justice will be done, in what ways should we be actively responding to injustice?




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